Entrance Way in Epsom

In 2014 we completed this renovation project in Epsom. We added a lofted double garage and installed a new 3 level stair case, new ensuite, driveway and this entrance below! It was a fun project, and as always, we learned a lot.


New Deck for Summer

In this video we explain how to build a deck. This deck is attached to the house at one point and anchored by timber piles at the other. Hope you find it useful and please comment below if you have any questions!

Garapa ‘Watershed’ Decking

We have been using Garapa decking for our recent projects and it has been great to work with. Garapa is also known as ‘Brazilian Ash’. This South American hardwood has a dense grain and nice colour tone – similar to vitex. This particular supplier offers a watershed version. Watershed basically refers to the way each board  has been milled – with a deliberate camber on the top to allow for water to drain off and not puddle on top of the 140mm wide boards.